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Object Reference

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Object Reference
Object List
JpegBrushSpecifies the current brush color and opacity.
JpegCanvasDraws graphics and text on an image.
JpegFontSpecifies current font parameters.
JpegGifManages GIF images.
JpegImageRepresents an image and encapsulates most of the product's functionality.
JpegInfoContains a collection of metadata fields embedded in an image.
JpegInfoItemRepresents an individual metadata field.
JpegManagerThe main object through which all other objects are created.
JpegPenSpecifies current pen color, width, dash pattern and opacity.
JpegUVSpecifies various parameters for 3D surface mapping.

Object Model Diagram

JpegManager Object JpegImage Object JpegCanvas Object JpegInfo Object JpegInfoItem Object JpegBrush Object JpegFont Object JpegPen Object JpegUV Object JpegGif Object

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